I have owned and loved dogs all my life. In 1984 I had my first wolfhound, and since 1991 I lost my heart to deerhounds, the most beautiful and gentle breed. Since 1998 we have had the Kennel name, Crathlint, which refers to Holinshed`s Cronicles, History of Scotland which tells the story that confirms the great value of a deerhound: In the year 200 the Picts stole a deerhound from the Scottish King Crathlint which resulted in a battle with big loss of human lives on both sides.

We live on a farm in Jutland at the seaside, the Limfjord, close to Skive. Our home is designed to suit our lifestyle with the hounds, who are part of the family and enjoys sleeping next to the fireplace as well as running around in the garden. I love showing our dogs but most importantly: our life at home and the walks along the beach! The puppies are born and raised in our home. At early age they are integrated into the pack and thereby learn the social skills required in order to become well equipped and stabile dogs.

I aim to breed healthy, beautiful and long living deerhounds, socialized to become wonderful companions for their new families. We only breed litters when we wish to expand our pack with new members.


Crathlint Deerhounds

Randi Kontni

tel. +45 50552679

 or  +45 97337456

mail: rk@via.dk

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