Crathlint Iden Illiam, 4 months
Crathkint Ian Iarlaith, 4 months
Crathlint Imogen Ita, 4 months
Crathlint Isolda Ivona, 4 months
Crathlint Innes Igerna, 4 months

Crathlint Ian Iarlaith, 9 weeks

Crathlint Ianto Iomhair, 9 weeks.

Crathlint Iden Illian, 9 weeks.

Crathlint Iowerth Ifan, 9 weeks

Crathlint Ivarr Inness, 9 weeks.

Crathlint Iden Illiam, 6 months

5½ week old
5½ week old

I- Litter

We are over the moon...

The 20. July 2022 our I- Litter arrived (Pitlochrys Quantum Meganic x Crathlint Franc Fionnuala).

Mum is doin a great job with her 5 boys and 4 girls.


Crathlint Imogen Ita, 9 weeks.

Crathlint Innes Igerna, 9 weeks.

Crathlint Iseabel Iola, 9 weeks.

Crathlint Isolda Ivona, 9 weeks.

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